Stroll in a Yukata

Let's enjoy walking around the city in a yukata that stands out in the retro townscape of Ikaruga.
Why do you hesitate to walk in a yukata around Horyuji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage site?
Show off your fabulous look!

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Details of the experience

After filling in the form at the reception of Waikaru, you choose a yukata and put it on.
Visit temples in your yukata and see various statues of the Budda.
Take a short break. An ice cream after a stroll in a yukata is a special treat.
Snap a picture in a vivid yukata with 1400 years of history for an Instagram post that is sure to be popular!

Experience data

Time required
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1-7 people
2500 yen (tax included)
About reservation
Reservations required,no later than the previous day May to October only.
Parking Lot
Parking available

Experience location

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

1-6-30 Horyuji-higashi ,Ikaruga-cho,Ikoma-gun,Nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday